inception INCEPTION

With Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levit, Ellen Page, Tom Hardy, Ken Watanabe, Cillian Murphy, Dileep Rao, Marion Cotillard, Tom Berenger, Pete Postlethwaite

Written & Directed by Christopher Nolan

Not allowing the new Batman movies to pigeonhole him as the guy only capable of making these (albeit exciting and successful) movies, Christopher Nolan darts into this excellent far-out action / sci-fi experience. With a mind-bending premise and some amazing digital and practical special effects driving the edge-of-your-seat propulsion of the story, DiCaprio plays a man for hire who enters people's dreams unwittingly to extract (and steal) information. But, a client proposes a request that is not as easy – in stead of extracting information, he wants a thought inserted in the mind of a powerful man to push his actions in a direction to affect an outcome. With a philosophical, moral and action drive colliding with amazing sets and FX, some people will find Inception to be a total mind-fuck, on various levels, and is certainly loaded with multiple viewing opportunities.
With a best picture nomination, Inception lost the Oscar to The King's Speech, but did take many technical awards. With The Lord Of The Rings being an exception when it won Best Picture, I don't think the world is ready to give another movie in an unreal setting loaded with FX this accolade. It's a pity though, as the combination of the meticulous direction, fine performances, and intelligent story make Inception a phenomenal all-round cinematic experience, getting overlooked for its overall accomplishment by non-genre awards in favour of a more subtle human tale.
An extra disc could've been filled with all of the fantastic aspects of the creation of this movie, but this single disc version features a piece on Nolan's vision of the movie, a look at the creation and destruction of the Japanese castle sets, a featurette on the paradoxical architecture of a mind-bending staircase set, and the execution of physical and digital effects for the scene where a freight train bursts onto a city street.

6 / A
- Paul Blom

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