With Johnny Knoxville, Bam Margera, Chris Pontius, Steve-O, Dave England, Ryan Dunn, Jason "wee man" Acua, Preston Lacy, Ehren McGehehey
Directed by Jeff Tremaine

The MTV Jackass show's next logical move was inevitable: compile a feature length movie of footage that may have been a bit too much for television broadcast and slap it on the big screen in all its gory glory. Alternative entertainment doesn't get more leftfield than this. Is this the digital future? The names Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, Ryan Dunn, Wee-Man and Bam Margera have become synonymous with pop icons (or should that be anti-pop demons?). The skateboard generation of anarchy and heavy music has met its media match in the performances of the Jackass crew. Admittedly dumb and dangerous, it remains one hell of a laugh, mostly because of its dumb and dangerous nature. They do things we'd never dream of, but find gross or laughable. Whether it's snorting wasabi mustard, connecting electrodes to their testicles, getting shot by a riot gun, smashing up a rental car, ramping a golf cart or crapping in a hardware store display toilet, however nuts it seems, you sometimes wonder how they come up with the shit - oh yeah, they probably sit around and brainstorm over a couple of joints. Get high, videotape your buddies doing stupid things and get paid for it - an ideal job prospect for some 15-25 year olds. The off-center antics of these illegitimate stunt men can get downright dangerous and sometimes more shocking than funny, but hey, as long as it's their own necks, can we really complain? The end credits are a blast - the Jackass guys are all prosthetically aged and blown up one by one, a great companion piece for the opening giant shopping cart sequence. Jackass has a love-hate viewer relationship - many love to watch it, others hate it, while they can't pull their eyes from the screen! Extra DVD features pack a knee in the groin feast of material. There's a Making-Of, outtakes, additional footage, two music videos (by Alan wade and Michael W.K.), promo spots and trailers, biographies and commentary tracks making it an extra feature length worth of mayhem. One of the additional pieces include the elaborate Failed Ending which they had initially planned - hilarious in its multiple malfunctions.

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