JACKASS - Not The Movie

With Steve-O
Directed by Nick Dunlap

Idiotic. Irresponsible. Dangerous. Immature. Disgusting. Moronic. Nauseating. Unacceptable. Immoral. Stupid.
Whatever you want to call it, the
Jackass phenomenon has become a modern counter cultural vessel of alternative, low budget entertainment that will probably still lead to a fatality - more than likely via imitating fans (god forbid). Extreme Funniest Home Videos would be the easiest way to describe it to those who hadn't seen the MTV Jackass show or the big screen movie version. If we laugh at someone falling, isn't it more funny when they fall further and much harder? Where do you draw the line? With Jackass there are very few lines left to cross. I happen to be one of those individuals who can appreciate works of fine art and literature, classical music and the theatre. Then there is a part that finds a bunch of guys maiming themselves and each other in a variety of creative and dangerous ways absolutely hilarious. Jackass The Movie contained scenes and stunts that wasn't exactly fit for TV. If you thought that was bad, try Jackass Not The Movie on for size! Where Johnny Knoxville has become the Jackass posterboy, Steve-O, the most hectic of the bunch get the spotlight here. The video cameras follow Steve-O, offering up unscreenable TV footage of his ridiculous efforts to amuse. Whether it's setting his hair alight, displaying various bodily graphic functions, performing dangerous dives and having fireworks or darts hurled at his naked butt, it's all here. Sure, not everyone will find it funny to see him staple-gun his scrotum to his thighs…At one end of town this would be seen as comedic stunts & pranks; at another it will be viewed as performance art; and then there would be a majority that will call it total filth and acts of unstable minds. At least in a few spots the chaos gets alleviated by some skateboard action. These acts are like freak sideshows or a car crash, something you don't want to enter into but have a compulsion to stare at in disbelief, the only result being to wince, laugh or throw up. The production values are limited to hand held video cameras and nothing is sacred. Whether they suffer from sado-masochistic tendencies, psychotic dysfunction or are merely high pain threshold extroverts with no more talent than exposing themselves in various ways, Steve-O does some it up for his case - he has very little regard for his own wellbeing and he doesn't want to study or hold down a regular job. The public is prepared to pay to see these guys damage themselves, so it's supply & demand. And these guys have gained rock star status, even putting on sold out road tours of live performances. In the future these recordings will be studied in anthropological classes as the devolution of the human species - but I'm sure a few students will find it hard to hold in their laughter.

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