With Sam Neill, Laura Dern, Jeff Goldblum, Richard Attenborough, Bob Peck, Samuel L. Jackson
Directed by Steven Spielberg

This gigantic adventure resurrects prehistoric creatures like never before. This is not the stop animation (however endearing) of Ray Harryhausen, or the blue-screened lizards with added rubber appendages.
Jurassic Park fast-tracked the '90s digital era with the realistic CGI (Character Generated Imagery) to bring dinosaurs to life. Cinemagoers were in awe as they saw a range of dinosaurs tower above the earth, from the peaceful Brontosaurus to the vicious T-Rex and Velociraptors. A billionaire funds research to develop the technique of extracting dinosaur DNA from Jurassic mosquitoes trapped in amber, genetically resurrecting these extinct animals. His plan is to open forest park zoos where visitors can be transported back to a time they thought was gone forever. But before going public he assembles a wide range of experts including his two grand children, Paleontologists, and a chaos theory scientist, t6o give his concept a test drive on an isolated island. This planned joyride becomes one of terror when mishaps and malfunctions result in the animals escaping. The race to avoid becoming a once extinct creature's lunch is on. Well made and well worth the ride.

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