With Sam Neill, William H. Macy, Tea Leoni
Directed by Joe Johnston

Directed by who? Sure, you needn't be a seasoned household name director to deliver a great movie, but in this case the guy is as much a mystery to me as the whole point of this disgraceful attempt at raking in the franchise dosh. Sam Neill's palaeontologist character Dr. Alan Grant returns from the first hit (Jeff Goldblum the recurring star for the pretty cool
Lost World sequel), to run through a whole lot of the same old same-old... In order to fund his research, Grant reluctantly agrees to be a sight-seeing guide for a couple who wants to fly over one of InGen's former breeding islands, Isla Sorna, where genetically created dinosaurs still roam freely. They land - their true intention to find their kid who got lost there while para-sailing past the island coming to the fore. The digital FX are far beyond passe and neither scary nor awe-inspiring. The cardboard performances, even from Neill, sucks infinitely - case in point, with the constant stupid smile on his face, he fills them in, "We probably won't get off this island alive". Oh, gimme' a break! And Leoni - you were fine in Deep Impact and Family Man, but perhaps you should stick to TV, baby. Stan Winston is a phenomenal creature FX artist, but we're so used the fluid animatronics and puppets that its effect glazes over, like our eyes while watching this tedium. An attempt to go one better, they try to throw in a new dinosaur, bigger and meaner than the T-Rex. Big deal. The disorganized search party turns into a survival run. Boring. The gung-ho factor abounds hand in hand with the pathetic helpless panic reactions. So what? The holiday fodder may impress the under 13's, but I'm not too sure about that either. A very, very disappointing bookend for what could've been a great trilogy. Original director Spielberg only acts as Executive Producer - no wonder, with a script like this he'd have embarrassed himself.
PS. Joe Johnston directed the feel-good flick,
October Sky with Laura Dern (who pops in for a little flashback from the original).

2 / B
- PB

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