With Adrien Brody, Naomi Watts, Jack Black, Andy Serkis

Directed by Peter Jackson

The classic original 1933 King Kong and its very '70s remake had to rely on innovative animation, photographic and make-up effects to bring the giant ape to life. It was inevitable that another version in our digital age would see the light. And it took the man who made the
Lord Of The Rings trilogy to do it. An ambitious and ruthless film director of the silent movie era cons his cast and crew into traveling to an uncharted island to shoot his latest epic. What they find is a pre-historic, primitive and vicious place where oversized beasts rule. The tribe living separate from the dangerous forest kills and captures some of the Westerners who are way out of their depth, including the leading lady. She is offered to Kong, an enormous gorilla. Her traumatic snatching results in her attempting to escape, which amuses the ape and he becomes protective of her. The rest of the crew (including the romantic interest) head out to save her. Naomi Watts does a fine job previously filled by Fay Wray and Jessica Lange, but where the digital technology makes a lot possible, it also inadvertently turn others unbelievable and fake. Giant insects, dinosaurs and other predators make for one hell of a survival trip and some exciting moments. True animal lovers will hate the thought of Kong being captured and brought to New York as an exhibit spectacle, and falling to his death from the Empire State building after a rampaging escape. But the emotion of it is relayed very effectively. Sure, the message that people are beyond stupid when it comes to marvels of nature is apparent - as I write this, tigers have become an endangered specie and whaling has again been legalizedů Stupid? It's beyond that. If people are capable of blowing the shit out of other random human beings in the name of religion, what the hell's an animal? Kong's physical and facial motion capture was performed by Andy Serkis who played Gollum in Lord Of The Rings.

PS. Jackson reportedly said that the original King Kong is what made him want to become a filmmaker - what a dream come true.

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