With Jonathan Haze, Jackie Joseph, Dick Miller, Myrtle Vail, Tammy Windsor, Jack Nicholson
Directed by Roger Corman

Roger Corman, the king of economical filmmaking hammered this baby out in 1960 in about three days flat! This classic tells the tale of Seymour, a nerdy Skid Row florist assistant who discovers a rare Venus Flytrap-type plant specie, but gets more than he bargained for. This plant lives on human blood and Seymour only has so many fingers to prick. Eventually as the communicating plant grows bigger, it starts demanding human flesh! Things get out of control and Seymour succumbs to the plant's power (its exotic presence in the failing store also suddenly boosting business). The movie also features a pre-stardom Jack Nicholson in the small part of the masochistic dental patient. Shot in black & white,
Little Shop Of Horrors is actually pretty good and while often cheesy, elevates above your basic B-schlock. It has received stage play versions across the globe and got an extraordinary musical remake in the mid-'80s by Frank Oz.

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