Makeout With Violence


With Eric Lehning, Cody DeVos, Leah High Brett Miller, Tia Shearer, Jordan Lehning, Shellie Marie Shartzer

Written by Cody DeVos, Deagol Brothers, Eric Lehning
Directed by Deagol Brothers

I was very surprised with the glowing cover quotes after seeing this one. What is essentially an interesting indie movie with promise just claws short of being something very unique and entertaining. A group of kids fresh out of school is spending their lazy summer around their suburban town. Things get very odd when they find the body of their missing friend Wendy reanimated. But one of the Darling brothers' obsession with her turns creepy when he keeps her sporadically revived body at a friend's vacated house.

One can see this as a post-teen / early-adulthood metaphor, and is a very different coming of age movie with some pretty good performances from a group of new young actors (also co-writing the screenplay).

Some would fear this movie may go too far while they're watching, while others would feel that would give the movie a much needed push into a whole different league.

3 / C
- Paul Blom

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