With Gabrielle Anwar, Justin Louis, Forest Whitaker, Peter MacNeill, Niamh Wilson, Joe Dinicol
Directed by Jordan Barker

Made in Canada on a modest budget and shot on a short schedule, the result is a visually accomplished, enjoyable ghost flick which does lean on some of the genre staples, but also has a flavour of its own.
A successful author of dark children’s books is plagued by recurring nightmares. A lot of this finds its way into her stories. She then discovers that many of these images actually exist. This brings her to the Rose Marsh farm where she starts to unravel her past – unable to remember her childhood, orphaned after the death of her parents, the familiar and recurring images and memories start to intensify. It eventually turns into visions and apparitions as she’s haunted by a man snatching a young girl. She seeks the help of a paranormal investigator who teaches her a few of the rules when it comes to dealing with the other side. The terrible truth starts to unfold itself while death is dealt to several who fit into this puzzle.
There is an ever so slight lean towards Japanese clammy-girl horror, but not overwhelmingly so.
Extra features include an all encompassing featurette with behind the scenes footage, interviews from actors and crew, covering all aspects of characters, the story and the production as a whole.

3 / C
- PB

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