With Kevin Dillon, Lance Henriksen, Vanessa Angel
Written & Directed by Richard Brandes

Kevin never really hit the big time like his older bro Matt,
The Blob remake and Oliver Stone movies (like Platoon & The Doors) probably his peak. Here he finds himself in a somewhat B class vampire thriller. For starters there is the "are the monsters real or in his mind" scenario. He plays a cop whose wife recently left him. She writes vampire books. He starts flipping out, on and off the job. When he's working a routine missing persons case, he gets pulled into a vampire orgy. When things get bloody, the head vampire snacking on a bit of him - he let's rip with the 9mm and when he awakes the gathering vanishes with no evidence left behind. Obviously his boss thinks he's losing it. But he is determined to get to the bottom of it. With varied merits, from OK make-up to terrible rubber masks, cheesy movie-punks and average writing and performances, at least Lance Henriksen is there to give the production some class.

2 / C
- PB

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