With Jody Foster, Forest Whitaker, Dwight Yoakam, Jared Leto
Directed by David Fincher

My first impression when I heard about this film was, "Cool, another David (
Se7en / Fight Club) Fincher movie, but, oh dear, how interesting can writer David Koepp keep a tale of a mother & daughter trapped in a safe room with 3 robbers trying to get at them?" My fears and suspicions were comfortably laid to rest, besides the couple of logical loopholes that didn't really matter that much. It's Fincher's amazing vision and cinematic approach that turns this basic time-suspension-wait-&-react scenario into a superb piece of nail biting suspense. As far as modern Hitchcock's go, this is way up there.
Recently split up with her husband, a woman and her daughter find a new home. Their multi-storey choice comes complete with a lift and safe-room. The very first night spent there a trio of burglars enter the house, expecting it to be empty. Mom & daughter escape into the panic room and the thieves nail up the place, intent on getting them out of the room, but not the house, since what they're after is in that room. This seems straightforward enough. Yet, the filmmakers manage to turn it into something far more than a cat & mouse game. As usual you have the criminal demographic of the lacking mastermind, the reluctant, almost-good-guy and the loose cannon bound to cause havoc. Animosity is waiting to escalate amoung the crooks as the trapped duo's desperation and means of escape seem to diminish. Reserved methods of added tension are set up beforehand, but the less said the better, as this is what the entire motion picture hinges on - varied moments of anxiety, cunning suspense, reserved but fuelled action and a constant mood of fear, building towards an expectant conclusion. What makes the digital assistance so amazing in this film is the freedom it gives the camera, making walls, floors and banisters fluid and uninterrupted in its path. Fincher pulled another stylish one with his trademark dark atmosphere well in tact.
The DVD extras are limited to a special trailer created by Fincher and selected cast and director filmographies. Not enough for an intricate film like this.

5 / B
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