With Mary Carey, Sean Andrews, Darrell Sandeen, Juliette Clarke, Sally Jean, Jonathan Yudis, Candice Hussain

Directed by Jonathan Yudis

Sex! Death! Freedom!
This stellar flick pays unashamed and brilliantly executed homage to the bosommania of Russ Meyer. A frisky college boy comes home for the holidays. Visiting his feisty dad in the desert (with a weird meat fetish), he falls for pop’s hot young girlfriend. But there is something loose with a bloodlust. With a hilarious script, deliciously camp performances, lots of nudity, gory FX and one hell of a fun attitude, this movie will only offend those with a conservative sense of humour. Not to be missed!
Pervert! won the Best Picture spot at the 2008 South African X FEST Film Festival (www.XFEST.org).

5 / A
- Paul Blom

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