With Gerard Butler, Emmy Rossum, Minnie Driver
Directed by Joel Schumacher

Based on Gaston Leroux's classic romantic tragedy (so memorably filmed in the 30's with Lon Chaney Sr. in the title role), Joel Schumacher tackled the commercial Andrew Lloyd Webber musical version for this latest cinematic take on the story. A Paris opera house is haunted by a phantom who has the administrators and performers at his mercy. New owners arrive and decide to pay no heed to his demands. The phantom believes it is his theatre and makes this known. With the lead opera singer (Minnie Driver) storming out, the understudy prodigy (whom he has been training through the walls since a child) gets the lead. He is in love with her but with a (not so bad) disfigured face remain in the shadows of the rafters and the cavernous channels and catacombs below the theatre. Hopes, dreams and aspirations are shattered when the phantom's wrath erupts due to jealousy burning for a handsome young man who woos his secret love. With nice set design & costumes, and soothing (yet syrupy) music from Webber's original musical, the audio-visual experience is a titillating one, but the singers fail to reach Sarah Brightman and Michael Crawford's vocal standard.

3 / C
- PB

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