With Divine, Mink Stole, David Lochary, Mary Vivienne Pearce, Edith Massey, Danny Mills
Directed by John Waters

The subversive punk cinema of alternative guerilla indie filmmaker John Waters was not only ahead of its time (this one released in '72), but damn daring, totally hilarious and a fantastic hippie antidote. This is one of his earlier flicks that usually get a mention, mainly because of its gross-out ending. Transvestite supreme Divine plays Babs Johnson who, with her whacked out family, claims the title of the filthiest sleezoids alive. But, their title is being challenged by Raymond and Connie Marble with their red and blue hair (everywhere hair is found!). they abduct girls, impregnate them, and sell the babies to lesbian couples! Sexually perverse, boundless and crude, this is a gem, and a fine example of cinematic liberty. With minimal budget, Waters and his regular ensemble of exhibitionist nuts gave us some classic flicks to fall back on when we get disillusioned with the glossy pulp the commercial moneymakers force onto audiences. I mean, you won't find Tom Cruise, let alone Ru Paul chowing down on a freshly planted poodle dump as Divine does to retain Babs' filthy title in the crowning finale of
Pink Flamingos!

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