With Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Bill Nighy, Keira Knightley, Stellan Skarsgard, Jonathan Pryce
Directed by Gore Verbinski

What no doubt was made as a vehicle for Bloom & Knightley ended up becoming The Jack Sparrow Show (in the vessel of Johnny Depp in the character of Rolling Stone Keith Richards!).
Based on the Disney Land fun ride, the king-size sequels to the Curse Of the Black Pearl (Dead Man’s Chest and At World’s End) were shot back to back not only for cost reasons, but also to ensure retaining the cast without falling fowl of time and schedule clashes on other projects.
This time round Knightley’s character Elizabeth (thankfully) gets a lower key role, as she’s incarcerated for aiding Jack Sparrow’s flight from justice. Her fiancé Will (played by Bloom) is scammed by the man who holds the cell door key to snatch Jack’s compass which leads one to what your heart desires. Jack however has a spot of bother as his soul is up for collection on payment of debt from the ruler of the ocean depths, Davy Jones (wonderfully played by Bill Nighy and fantastically expressive digital octopus make-up). One way to thwart this fatal payment is to locate Davy Jones’ locker – a box containing his heart. With the mythical Krakan at Jones’s command, capable of swallowing ships whole, Jack and Will has to think on their feet with doom on their heels. Splendid characterization, fantastic action scenes and comedic moments (often concurrently) make for a highly entertaining continuation of this wild pirate ride.
Several of the secondary characters from the first film also reprise their roles, often for comedic side tracks.
A hefty treasure chest on an extra disc can be explored with everything from a writers’ commentary track, bloopers and a look at Jack’s various character attributes via his costume, to sword fighting choreography, extensive behind the scenes documentary footage and Making Of pieces.

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