With Bela Lugosi, Vampira, Tor Johnson, Criswell
Directed by Edward D. Wood Jr.

Unjustly touted as the "worst movie ever made", this 1956 classic mainly earned its infamous tag for the wrong reasons. It is far from that bad. You certainly can't accuse B-movie director Ed Wood for being ambitious. But he became a legend for trying, and making deliciously tacky flicks for us to enjoy decades later. Wood had the drive and the passion, but lacked the writing dexterity, budget and means to attain his vision - his thrifty methods, lack of attention to detail and easily satisfied takes ignoring glitches resulted in movies with many flaws, but strangely remained watchable.
Plan 9 also featured an ailing Bela Lugosi in his last role - he died during filming (Wood's chiropractor standing in, filmed from behind!). This film has an endearing quality, with its low budget, stock footage, hammy acting and moral message, it is actually quite an entertaining romp, which makes for a fun viewing - the dodgy bits adding laughs (even though Eddie didn't intend them). This is an even bigger blast if watched in a group. The worst movie tag can only be relevant in the context of the film trying to take itself seriously in the context of a major motion picture release. Believe me, there are hundreds far worse big buck Hollywood movies, some being produced at this very moment that won't become a cult favourite like this one.

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