PUMPKINHEAD aka Vengeance The Demon

With Lance Henriksen, Jeff East
Directed by Stan Winston

Special FX expert Stan Winston made his admirable directorial debut with this eerie monster flick. Wise-ass city kids accidentally cause the death of the young son of a storeowner out in the backwoods with their motorcycle. Distraught, the man wants to avenge his only boy's death, and tracks down a legendary witch to exact retribution. This is done by means of an offering, which activates the resurrection of a demon that tracks down and kills those responsible. He is known as Pumpkinhead - a tall, legendary damn scary beast (one of the coolest monsters of the '80s). But, when the man witnesses its runaway destruction, he wants to stop it - but how?! Even with the typical teens heading out to a cabin scenario, Henriksen delivers a great performance and Pumpkinhead is a memorable screen monster, obliterating the clichés. A very cool horror flick that didn't get enough coverage.

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