RE-ANIMATOR 2 aka Bride Of Re-Animator

With Jeffrey Combs, Bruce Abbott, David Gale, Fabiana Udinio, Kathleen Kinmont, Claude Earl Jones
Directed by Brian Yuzna

Herbert West’s drive to conquer brain death continues. The H.P. Lovecraft inspired story heads in the Bride Of Frankenstein direction as they want to implant the heart of Dan’s killed girlfriend Megan into a body constructed of various parts. The disembodied head of Dr. Hill is by no means out of the picture as he ropes in the help of a minion to do his bidding in getting revenge, while a cop who lost his wife investigates the unspeakable research of our duo Herbert & Dan. The outrageous and hilarious nature of its predecessor is not lost as the story is taken up a notch (including Dr. Hill’s mobility via batwing!).
Directed by the producer of the original
Re-Animator, Brian Yuzna.

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