With Rachel McAdams, Cillian Murphy, Brian Cox
Directed by Wes Craven

What looks like an interesting thriller situation simply becomes a race against time to save lives. A young hotel manager meets a man at the airport where they're catching a late delayed flight - he turns out not to be a friendly co-traveler. In stead he involves her in a murder plot holding her dad's life over her head. Regardless of the box office success of his Scream series, Wes Craven's movies aren't all top notch (like Hills Have Eyes 2, Vampire In Brooklyn and Cursed). The first Hills Have Eyes and A Nightmare On Elm Street are classics still to be enjoyed today. I never saw one of Craven's rare mainstream movies, Music Of The Heart, but here with Red Eye he again diverts from the horror theme, this time in exchange for the more basic suspense thriller with the drama built into a confined space with no escape. This is not a bad film at all, but doesn't get creative enough with the in-flight possibilities and could easily have been a TV movie script. Thriller fans and Craven devotees will love it though.

3 / B
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