With Michael Ironside, Devon Gummersall, Derek Richardson, Tina Illman, Scott Whyte, Arielle Kebbel, Eric Mabius

Written & Directed by Dave Payne

This fun horror from 2005 takes classic slasher elements and entwines it into a very original tale with supernatural elements.
A group of young adults (one of them blind, another South African) travel across the desert. On arriving at a roadhouse / motel, strange things start to happen. With no people in sight, weird and unsettling visions filter into their existence of people dying. On top of this they are pursued by a rotting human figure. One by one they get killed.
(Disclosing any spoilers will reveal the entire crux and surprise of the rather original story).
The Reeker of the title makes for a cool new addition to the charismatic boogeymen of the cinema like Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers and Candyman.
This indie production made ultimate use of their resources, its innovative story, special FX and good performances making it that much more watchable (with actors also going on to star in horrors like Hostel and The Uninvited). A good dose of humour is also added.

The movie has a South African connection in actress Tina Illman being married to director Payne, and was co-produced with Ronnie Apteker (producer of South African movies like Straight Outta Benoni).
David Payne also composed the movie's soundtrack, and
since the release of this fun flick Eric Mabius has become a bigger name via the Ugly Betty TV series.

Extra features include a making-of documentary and a commentary track by director Payne and Tina Illman, revealing many of the techniques and methods adopted to make a top notch horror movie on a low budget.

5 / B
- Paul Blom

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