NO MAN'S LAND - The Rise Of Reeker

With Valerie Cruz, Mircea Monroe, Desmond Askew, Robert Pine, Michael Muhney, Michael Robert Brandon, Lyne Odums, Ben Gunther,
Michael Muhney

Written & Directed by Dave Payne

This follow-up to Dave Payne's very original horror flick Reeker delves deeper into the origin of the deathly title character. Unfortunately the core of the mystery is revealed in the first film, which makes any surprises impossible (and which I won't reveal here - catch the first one for an entertaining viewing experience).
Here the characters include The Reeker, an old cop who encountered him in his rookie days, the cop's son (also in the police force), a group of casino robbers and the girlfriend of one of the thieves. These stories get tied in and slowly unfold after a shoot-out and an explosion.

Extra features include a making-of which reveals a lot of behind-the-scenes moments and innovative special FX; and a commentary track with director Payne with a range of other crew sitting in at times. Payne dominates the discussions and naturally has more to say about the making of his movie than the running time of the movie allows. An extra audio track devoted to the other movie-makers on the project would've been preferred.

3 / C
- Paul Blom

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