Resident Evil Damnation


With voices by Matthew Mercer, Dave Wittenberg, Wendee Lee, Courtenay Taylor, Val Tasso, Michael McConnohie

Written by Shotaro Suga
Directed by Makoto Kamiya

In the Resident Evil universe you get the original video games and its variety of characters, Paul W.S. Anderson's (by now) five part live action movie series, and these animated feature films (made with motion-capture and CGI).

Damnation is a follow-up to Degeneration from 2009, and the motion-capture technology and CGI animation quality has improved noticeably.

Writer Shotaro Suga and director Makoto Kamiya both return to take this world of biological warfare and infectious viral outbreak another step further.
Resident Evil veteran Leon Kennedy is sent to a former Russian state on a secret mission. In this war-torn state he unravels a very dark expansion of Umbrella's Bio-Organic Weapons programme employed in the war raging within these borders. These include some unstoppable new creations set to sow death and destruction. With a bit of a buddy-cop scenario included and (not always successful) comedy relief character, the focus is the deadly mutating monsters, new evolved breeds and the ability for people to link mentally with them and do their bidding, which makes for an even more rocky ride.

With political dealings also coming into play, toying with lives and the fate of the planet never appeard more critical.

Extra features include various featurettes looking at the production the movie (including various interviews with all major crew), as well as a gag reel and trailer for the Resident Evil 6 game.

4 / B
- Paul Blom

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