With Tim Curry, Susan Sarandon, Barry Bostwick, Richard O' Brien, Meat Loaf, Patricia Quinn, "Little" Nell Campbell
Directed by Jim Sharman

What a fantastic package! This 25th anniversary double disc DVD release of the classic naughty & decadent pseudo-Frankenstein musical with transvestite sci-fi overtones containing a wealth of extras to make the
Rocky Horror experience one of complete and utter, full bodied pleasure. From a tiny play to a timeless cinematic cult classic, every single person involved contributed to its irresistibly sumptuous appeal. But none more so than the songs and story by creator O'Brien and impeccable character performance by Curry as the flamboyant Dr. Frank-N-Furter. For those still unaware of this fabulous experience, the film takes us on a "nightmare" evening ride with a nerdy, innocent and inexperienced engaged couple, Brad & Janet. They end up with a flat tyre on a rainy night - fate bringing them to the doorstep of Dr. Frank-N-Furter's castle, where he's about to create a perfect hunk for himself with the help of his creepy sidekicks - resulting in the corruption of the couple and their conservative views on life, sex and everything else. The DVD interactive menus are wonderfully crafted, maintaining the humour and saucy nature of the film itself. The in-depth delving into the Rocky Horror universe comes in many shapes. Part of the Rocky Horror experience is to get into the cinematic participation mood. This disc makes it possible like never before. Besides the glossy booklet with a detailed prop list and other tit-bits, the disc has a Theatrical Experience mode whereby the RHPS fan club president Sal Piro introduces the show and audience reactions & front of screen performers pop up in front of the screen as they would if you attended a true Rocky Horror midnight fan screening. Then there is the Partcipation Prompter indicating when you should do what (from the newspaper rain sequence to the rubber glove snap). There's no way you'll only watch this once, so the commentary track option by Richard O'Brien & Patricia Quinn will aggrandize the depth of the film with revealing comments, fond memories, keen observations and interesting anecdotes. The second disc contains a deleted scene, 11 minutes of outtakes and alternate credit ending. There is a 37 minute documentary and several VH-1 inserts, including interviews with Meatloaf, Sarandon and O'Brien, while the latter also re-visits the castle, chatting about the experience and doing on the spot acoustic versions of some of the classic tunes from the show. A Pop-Up Video of Hot Patootie with Meatloaf adds to the festivities while Sing-A-Long versions of Sweet Transvestite and Touch-a Touch-a Touch Me is sure to become a party favourite (as if you don't know the words by heart already!). With its full original widescreen presentation undoubtedly the only way to view this ball of a movie, its gorgeous gatefold packaging and quality is as irresistible as the contents within. Like I said, "What a fantastic package!"

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