With James Caan, Maud Adams, John Houseman, John Beck, Ralph Richardson
Directed by Norman Jewison

Even with its dated '70s look, this still kicks the unfortunate remake's ass. In this energetic futuristic look at sports and entertainment driven by ratings (surely inspiration for the likes of Prize Of Peril and Running Man), Caan plays the equivalent of a David Beckham or Michael Jordan. While a ball is still involved, here it is a steel one, and it is shot around a slanted ring where teams compete on roller-skates with motorcycle boost assistance. Heavily padded and decked out with studded gloves, forceful competition (or, violence) does not necessarily warrant a penalty. But, when things get deadly, our hero starts to question not only the nature of the game and humanity, but also the intentions of the corporates running the show. A blast.

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