With Angela Bettis, Christopher Titus, Kirby Bliss Blanton, Devon Graye, Al Sapienza, Bill Baksa, Ben Cotton

Written by Zack Ford
Directed by Jed Weintrob

Unfortunately the torture theme rears its ugly head, again...
Sixteen years ago Joan escaped the scalpel (and other deadly instruments) of the killer Ernie Bishop, who was also the town’s undertaker, leaving her with a scar reminder her of that terrible night. What Ernie did was kidnap two people, tying them to gurneys opposite one another, then tortures the one in front of the other – making it stop coming at a great price. (This theme was also used in a more emotional and strategic way in the movie WAZ).
Now an adult, Joan returns to her hometown for the homecoming queen crowning of her niece, and yes, the terror plays itself out again, with teens disappearing and turning up mutilated and murdered. Is Bishop back to torment her or is she replicating her traumatic ordeal?
Cheap sadism and justice through vengeance is no longer amusing. The movie also has a subtle hint at themes from Wes Craven’s Last House On The Left.

Scar wasted a solid opportunity to really cause a stir when it was released on circuit as one of the first horror movies to be shot with the new digital 3D technology – thing is, they didn’t utilize it at all (although the promo would profess otherwise). So many perspective moments could’ve been created, but alas. Thus, with the 3D gimmick excluded, the film delivers even less on DVD.

1 / C
- Paul Blom

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