With Barry Dove, Rick Dean, Red McVay
Directed by Bill Naud

An early '80s yawnfest of a low budget horror attempt that doesn't even try to compensate for its lack of cash with well thought out plots or at least creative murders. The cast and crew for a low budget film head out to an island where they get picked off one by one to the tune of a song on a little tape player with their mode of death always in the lyrics - a lame Ramones-styled song. While the whole final punchline is actually not that bad, the poor acting, drudging pace and non-existent scares and not very special FX make it more laborious than entertaining. Some of the crap acting and bad lines are actually pretty amusing, but if you want to laugh, get
Young Frankenstein. The tag-line of "it's worse than dying" can easily be applied to the watching experience, but at least these guys went out, shot and released their effort. If you are fascinated by cheap obscurities like Horror Farm, this may be your cup of bile.

PS. I picked this up in 2001 at a second hand store for R9 ( the equivalent of around $1 ! ) - and it was a waste of money!

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