With Al Pacino, Michelle Pfeifer, Steven Bauer, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, Robert Loggia
Directed by Brian DePalma

With the help of Oliver Stones screenplay, Brian DePalma recreated the classic
Scarface Chicago gangster tale of the '30s in an '80s Miami setting, creating one of the best organized crime movies of that decade. Tony Montana is a Cuban refugee who enters America with big dreams. But for someone like him getting beyond dishes to the big time via legal channels is very slim. Together with a friend Tony rises up the gangster ranks, eventually usurping the top seat. In a haze of cocaine he becomes the king of the world, but is as susceptible to a hostile take-over like anyone. Running an empire with double crossing colleagues, over-protecting a sister who wants to do her own thing, a coked out girlfriend, coke smugglers who don't want to negotiate better wholesale prices and a business that can get you locked up forever, Tony takes the reigns and goes all out. With so many memorable scenes, this epic is one of DePalma and Pacino's coolest movies, clocking in at almost 3 hours.

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