With Charlie Sheen, Anna Faris, Anthony Anderson, Simon Rex, Leslie Nielsen, Queen Latifah, Pamela Anderson
Directed by David Zucker

The Zuckers will never be likely to shy away from the movie spoof genre. This time round
Scary Movie has taken on a life of its own while still dependent on other popular flicks. Here they take a stab at The Ring, Signs, 8 Mile and The Matrix, blending them into a concoction of total stupidity and sometimes a laugh or two. Silly physical jokes, a touch of vulgarity, direct movie reference rip-offs, boobs and a whole lot of hamming up at least allow you to sit through the calamity, since you can't help but find it funny (provided of course you've seen the bits they rip off). There is a Michael Jackson piece in The Others spoof that is just plain freaky and funny in a very sick way. Slapmeister and spoof regular Leslie Nielsen pops in as the stupid president, rapper Ja Rule his bodyguard. Sadly there are no Wayans present. With slapstick flicks like Flying High (aka Airplane), Top Secret, Hot Shots, Mafia! and now this, the Zucker siblings are a far cry from the Coen brothers, that's for damn sure!

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