With Anna Faris, Regina Hall, Bill Pullman, Craig Bierko
Directed by David Zucker

With the Zucker contingent (of
Top Secret, Airplane, Hot Shots & Naked Gun fame) now fully in charge of this cheesy franchise, another range of recent horror / sci-fi hits get ripped to shreds, from The Grudge and Saw, to The Village, War Of The Worlds & even Million Dollar Baby and the Oprah show! Our hapless heroine from the previous movies again find herself in wacky, rude and crude predicaments wrapped around parodies of key scenes from the abovementioned movies, the focus also shifted onto the new guy she meets. As usual, if you hadn’t seen the original movies, you’ll fall way short of appreciating its impact and (frequent) hilarity. Sure it’s silly, but it’s not exactly gunning for awards now is it? Good to see Bill Pullman (who appeared in the US Grudge remake) popping in for a bit-part laugh. Cameo turns come from Charlie Sheen (who was in the previous chapter), Dr. Phil & Shaquile O’Neill (whose opening Saw bit is quite a hoot), plus Carmen Electra (with extreme toilet humour added).
But the biggest and most riotous final blow is the re-enactment of the Tom Cruise / Oprah show debacle, making it all worth the trouble!

3 / B
- PB

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