With The Rock, Kelly Hu, Bernard Hill, Peter facinelli, Michael Clark Duncan
Directed by Chuck Russell

Wrestling superstar The Rock (Dwayne to his mom) first appeared in
The Mummy Returns as a pawn in the title character's plot to rule and destroy. Here we find him in a prequil to his resurrection where he was fighting on the good side. A corrupt and bloodthirsty ruler has the advantage over his enemies by using a captive (and sexy) clairvoyant who predicts his victory. The Rock and his brothers get hired to off the punk, but they get nailed instead, our hero's brother killed in the process. The lead babe prevents them from killing our body slamming muscleman. He escapes and rescues/steals the damsel, and with a comedy relief sidekick go on the trail to destroy the ponce who's out to rule the land with violence. Plenty of action results but lacks the kind of memorable impact necessary to take it beyond its viewing time. They could've left the kid out of the equation, but Rock fans may not be disappointed, though.

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