With Nick Upton, Deborah Collard, Frank Passingham, John Schofield
Directed by Dave Borthwick

A mindblower of an animated film, with a difference. What sets this apart from other animated movies is the fact that it's not cuddly and warm, but dark and tragic; but most of all it is the technique of traditional stop animation that expands into live action, actors animated together with the plasticine and latex characters. Bolex Brothers affiliate Dave Borthwick took the classic Tom Thumb fairytale and gave it a fantastic reworking, as our title character's diminutive stature does not prevent him from becoming a hero in a cruel, depressing world of downtrodden people and abused creatures. The revolutionary animation is sensational, the art- and creature design great.
Led Zeppelin bassist John Paul Jones wrote the Tom Thumb theme with The Startled Insects doing the rest of the eerie soundtrack. A powerful film that simply everyone has to behold.

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