With Johnny Depp, John Turturro, Maria Bello, Timothy Hutton
Directed by David Koepp

Another adaptation of a Stephen King story. Johnny Depp usually alternates his more substantial roles with mainstream stabs like this. Not even a third into this not very thrilling thrilling, I hoped that the end result wasn't the cliché one I had been expecting. Alas! I couldn't believe it. Depp plays a writer (big surprise), who drinks (even bigger surprise), and is going through a divorce (this is Stephen King remember). Six months after catching his wife with another guy, he retreats to a cabin in the woods, sleeping most of the time, not much writing done. One morning someone bangs on his door - the Mississippi man claims that he stole one of his stories. While a fine actor, Turturro is not convincing in the part, nor is he as menacing as hoped. People start dying, as our panicking writer has to prove that he wrote the story first. While the ending is not a cop-out, it's predictable premise and denouement and "surprise reveal" is hardly that. The deleted scenes don't add much and the most you'll get from this experience is gaining some director insights with the commentary track. Besides the acceptable (but not exceptional Philip Glass soundtrack, as to be expected), the other highlight is its widescreen presentation. Overall a disappointment.

1 / C
- PB

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