With Kane, Christina Vidal, Michael J. Pagan
Directed by Gregory Dark

This Vince MacMahon WWE production was also penned by a writer for this sweaty muscle-man soap opera plaguing TV sets several times a week, and was directed by Gregory Dark, former porn director who moved on to music videos. Starring the hulking wrestler Kane, the basic well-worn premise of “big killer picking off teens” is set in a dilapidated hotel where around half a dozen problem children are locked in to clean it up for renovation. Lurking in the shadows is the serial killer - who also happens to be the one who murdered the partner and maimed the hand of the ex-cop now working as juvenile correctional officer...
Predictably pointless, but with some creative deaths…if that’s what you’re into. The decaying set design and appropriate lighting make two one of the few highlights.
If only half of the wrestling fans out there bother to catch this one, McMahon will be smiling all the way to the bank – yet again!

2 / C
- PB

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