With Jennifer Tilly, Redman, John Waters, Hannah Spearritt, and the voices of Brad Dourif and Billy Boyd
Directed by Don Mancini

Franchise creator Don Mancini is taking the helm of this fifth instalment. The fact that the
Child's Play movies have become a parody of itself is no surprise, only now it has gone all the way, with Tilly (who debuted as the voice of the Tiffany doll in Bride Of Chucky) playing herself and taking the piss all the way. Her career is on the fritz and she needs a big hit. Rapper Redman has turned director and is doing a Jesus epic, and she wants to play Mary. Chucky's kid (born at the end of Bride) has been used by a scummy ventriloquist and escapes from the UK to look for his parents. He accidentally resurrects the two dolls (used in a horror movie shoot). The hacking couple is back and soon their killer instincts flare up. Chucky wants the (crotch-less) plastic progeny to be a boy, following in his dad's murderous footsteps, while mom wants a girl who doesn't kill. The B-movie king Ed Wood's transvestite film Glen Or Glenda gets a homage with the battle between Chucky and Tiffany to call the kid either one or the other. The jokes are slapstick, the lines cheesy, the entire plot as hokey as it can get (as if a killing doll isn't enough already!). But, our new parents still want live human bodies and decide to get channeled into Redman and Tilly and be a new Hollywood power-couple to boot! But the kid also needs a body, so Chucky has to whack off in a cup to artificially inseminate the hamming Meg. This makes for an hilariously crude scene with cult director John Waters playing a tabloid photographer who snaps this action. Crazy, silly, occasionally funny and definitely entertaining, the film also features some cameos from actors like local-guy-cracking-it Jason Flemyng.

3 / B
- PB

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