With James Woods, Deborah Harry, Sonja Smits
Directed by David Cronenberg

Cronenberg's stories are always such great works of originality. Here he takes his biological obsession into the electronic realm. A sleazy cable channel executive, looking for more and more controversial material to stay ahead of the exploitation pack, encounters a bootleg tape of a broadcast that seems to be snuff-like torture material. He becomes obsessed with it and after repetitive viewing it starts to affect his mind in either a hallucinogenic or physically transmogrified way, spurring him on to kill. With some great innovative special effects of its time,
Videodrome is a stark visual look at the fantasy of biological- with inorganic matter fusion, and further incorporates sexual, deviant, political, social, censorship, moral and ethical subjects. Woods is adequately animated and Harry (pop group Blondie's lead singer) is smoldering. Pure Cronenberg.

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