With Bob Geldoff, Bob Hoskins
Directed by Alan Parker

This is without a doubt one of the most incredible music-to-movie translations ever. With Roger Waters' screenplay woven around the classic album The Wall, by his band Pink Floyd, Alan Parker crafted it into a claustrophobic biopic of a rock star gone over the edge. Locked in his hotel room (burnt out on drugs and too much time on the road & on stage), reflecting on the events impacting on his intense life and art, Pink slowly builds a wall around his consciousness, vividly depicted in flashbacks, fantasy and surreal animated scenes. This dark masterpiece with its incredible animation sequences (integrated with the action) is as powerful today as back in 1982. The DVD contains amazing extras like a new reflection on the film by many key participants, a documentary on its making, unreleased footage, the original film trailer, hidden buttons and more. Oh, yeah, and not to forget the running commentary option by Roger Waters and animation director Gerald Scarfe! The original wide screen format and re-mastered audio tracks is enough to make this an essential cinematic as well as musical experience to nestle amoung your growing DVD collection.

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