With Tom Cruise, Dakota Fanning, Tim Robbins
Directed by Steven Spielberg

Many versions of this tale have seen the light. Obviously this modernized sci-fi spectacle does not follow the original H.G. Wells tale to a T, but incorporates all of the essential elements to create a devastating earth invasion of aliens and holding onto the title. Tom Cruise plays Ray, a divorced dad who has his kids for the weekend when the invasion strikes. The human extermination is hectically depicted, vapourised people bursting into dust, their clothing flapping to the ground. As confused as everyone else around the globe where this Martian invasion is happening, Ray tries to protect his children against an indefensible enemy who overpowers the earth's weapons without much effort. Great effects, convincing performances and relentless aliens add up to an exciting movie with the right ingredients to hook up with the terrorist fear gripping the globe.

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