WAZ (W delta Z)

With Stellan Skarsgård, Selma Blair, Barbara Adair, Melissa George, Tom Hardy, Sally Hawkins, Paul Kaye

Written by Clive Bradley
Directed by Tom Shankland

Besides the fact that this very dark inner city thriller will have viewers expecting something along the lines of Saw from the subject to the reversal of its letters seeming to spell it out, it does in a way. For starters, the title actually refers to an equation, W delta Z: WAZ = cov (w.z) = bwzvz.
Figured it out?
This is carved into victims’ bodies found throughout the city and is formulated by a compelled killer who is taking care of some very unsavoury scumbags who get a choice in their death or survival. The detectives on the case also seem to be somehow linked to this inexplicable madness. Saying too much would spoil the mystery and shocking surprise.
Shot in Belfast and UK locations, the film has a deteriorated American city feel. One of the drawbacks is a propensity for low mumbling which often leaves some dialogue unclear.
By no means a joyous film, but laden with gritty mood, brutality and the hope of redemption.
intense special make-up FX by Paul Hyett.

4 / C
- Paul Blom

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