WRONG TURN 3: Left For Dead

With Tom Frederic, Janet Montgomery, Gil Kolirin, Christian Contreras Bill Moody, Chucky Venice, Tom McKay, Jake Curran

Written by Connor James Delaney (based on characters created by Alan B. McElroy)
Directed by Declan O'Brien

As with so many horror movies, somehow the second chapter slips by without notice. While a fun take on the Texas Chain Saw Massacre premise, one would not have expected this to become a three-part franchise...!
This time round the victims of inbred forest dwelling cannibal freaks are a bunch of criminals being transferred to another facility. They orchestrate an escape and with guards as hostages, they flee into the woods, where they get picked off by our freaks. With a low budget and a short shooting schedule, they did manage to make an enjoyable movie with some nice gory bits, but overall it doesn't really feel as though it was a necessity to produce.

Extras include enlightening making-of bits showing the difficult task the makers had to finish the movie.

2 / C
- Paul Blom

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