Albert Pyun's

Q&A with

Albert Pyun's latest cinematic offering LEFT FOR DEAD will make its African big screen premier
at the South African HORRORFEST, on Thursday 1 November at 8:30pm.

What attracted you to Left For Dead?
I always wanted to be part of a Western film. That is what attracted me the most about the film. Plus it was my first English film in Argentina - that intrigued me as well.

How did you experience Albert Pyun?
My experience with Albert was great. With the simplest words, I was able to somewhat get an idea of what he wanted from me. I felt I was free to create my character and play
with it. As the film moved on, everyone in the crew was captured and part of the story. Albert made us all a part of that.

How much were you involved with special make-up FX?
The Special FX in LFD was excellent. I really liked watching their work.

What sets this movie apart from other Horrors currently out?
This film is different, it is not the common story you see nowadays. I think it is very original particularly because of the way it was shot. We shot this film in two weeks....I still can’t believe it. Every part of this film has been a lot of hard work and it reflects on the screen.

What was your best and worst experience on LFD?
My best experience in LFD was the whole film actually, and how I saw myself evolve at giant paces throughout the story. I learned a lot, personally I see it as a great experience. I met a lot of talented people. I had no worst experience during LFD - I can say I enjoyed the whole thing.

Are you a Horror fan? If so, what about it do you like as a viewer and a performer respectively?
I am not that big of a horror fan actually but it seems that my fate is in these films because I have been in 5 horror films already. I like making them and now after being in them I can tell you that I see horror films differently. Seeing all the work that is involved in delivering a good horror film, I can say that I respect them a lot.

What are your favourite Horror films of all time?
My favorite horror film is an old one I remember watching when I was little – I actually don’t know who directed it or anything, I just have that memory of being really scared. The film’s name is Lady in White.

What¹s next for you?
I am a singer as well and just finished recording my CD. So I will be playing with my band a lot. I have been offered two more films but still haven’t closed anything.

- Paul Blom