The Final Chapter


The third and final installment of the $100 million Resident Evil trilogy, Resident Evil: Extinction is again based on the wildly popular video game series and releases in South Africa on 19 October 2007.

Constantin’s Bernd Eichinger, Robert Kulzer and Martin Moszkowicz, who first envisioned the Resident Evil movie franchise, are once again reunited with Davis Films’ Samuel and Victor Hadida and Impact Pictures’ Jeremy Bolt and Paul W.S. Anderson.

“Paul has done something which is very unusual for a genre movie,” says producer Robert Kulzer. “It feels like a very epic movie, with story arcs that go across several movies and combine again and get separated again. All of these characters have taken on lives of their own. He’s so connected with this franchise, and these characters and the world of the game. I think this world really inspires his imagination.”

Milla Jovovich once again plays the role of Alice , an experiment of the Umbrella Corporation whose DNA bonded with the T-Virus, giving her unprecedented power and independence.

The movie picks up three years after the second film ended. It is set in the desert with very few people, few buildings and a strong atmosphere of isolation and desolation. The story is original, but one that unfolds in a world that fans of the game will recognize. It is all part of trying to deliver a movie-going experience that satisfies the fans of the game but also provides a fun cinematic experience for a broader audience that has never played a Resident Evil game.

Where the first two films unfolded in tight, contained spaces, the third film’s large scale action sequences take place amid post-apocalyptic landscapes in broad daylight and was shot in Mexicali, Mexico.