With Anthony Hopkins, Jodie Foster, Scott Glenn
Directed by Jonathan Demme

At the time of its release, this second film based on a Thomas Harris book set the trend for countless flawed imitations in the serial killer genre. (The first film having been
Manhunter, directed by Michael Mann, based on Harris's Red Dragon). In the multi-Oscar winning Silence Of The Lambs, Jodie Foster portrays Agent Starling, a new recruit used to milk info from a convicted psychiatrist turned cannibal killer, Dr Hannibal Lecter, to track down a once patient of his turned serial killer. What ensues is an intense relationship, bordering on a dark romance (further elaborated in the follow-up, Hannibal). The tense scenes of the two conversing are altered by moments of graphic realism as the killer drives towards his objective, slowly moving the film forward to a double climax unravelled by Starling and brilliantly constructed by the crafty Lecter. The film also displays a dark sense of humour while the easily spooked & squeamish won't notice that. A decade later the film still has great impact, Hopkins still marvelous and the atmosphere still as ominous. While Foster is a fine actress, it just seems that the Oscar may have been handed over a little too hastily, her performance sometimes too staged (her Taxi Driver role for one outstripping her here). The ensemble brilliance of the writing, direction & Hopkins' performance, as well as the new introduction of a brutal yet intelligent villain into the mainstream world of likely horror, her flaws may have been overlooked. But, regardless, after a decade passed, the film is still chilling, gruesome and wonderfully entertaining.
This special 10th Anniversary Edition contains a number of fine features including great looking animated menus, outtakes and documentaries. A commentary track by the elusive Demme would've been splendid, though.

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