WRESTLEMANIAC (aka El Mascarado Massacre)

With Rey Misterio Sr., Irwin Keyes, Adam Huss, Leyla Razzari, Jeremy Radin, Margaret Scarborough, Catherine Wreford, Zack Bennett

Written & Directed by Jesse Baget

This movie promised way more than it delivered, spoiling a great opportunity for a fun angle on the horror genre. A group of wannabe low budget video-makers travel to Mexico to shoot an amateur porn movie. They end up in a forbidden town where a legendary wrestler was banished after flipping out. One of the annoying bunch happens to know all about it and is a masked wrestler fan (even carrying a mask around with him) – and no, they didn’t even go so far as to try and build a sense of suspense by making the audience think it may be him knocking off his pals. So, after shooting their first scene, members of the party starts to disappear – at the hands of El Mascarado! The favourite camera technique seems to be butt-angle shots of girls running away, screaming…
Rey Misterio Sr. (aka Miguel Ángel López Díaz) plays the masked killer, but the cover doesn’t mention the “Senior” part, deceiving wrestling fans into thinking it’s the younger, more agile Misterio of present day wrestling stardom. Hence the wrestle moves are far more traditional when the victims get whacked, or simply lumbering thumps and bashing, no wild gymnastics.

2 / C
- Paul Blom

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